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The country music show dedicated to our men and women in uniform

Serving Your Country is the first-ever radio show completely dedicated to delivering news, stories, requests and tributes for America's men and women in uniform. This 2-hour weekend show plays a lot of music -- as we’re heard on some of America's top Country music radio stations -- but in between the songs, we do our best to keep you up to date on things happening in the lives of our everyday heroes in America. Whether we talk about someone in the armed forces or we share a story about our first responders in our home communities, Serving Your Country recognizes that it’s these brave men and women at home and abroad who protect and preserve our lifestyle. They deserve a salute of their own, and we’re here to give it to them!


About the Host

For the past 21 years Ramblin' Ray has been part of the morning show at WUSN Chicago, known locally as US 99.5, CBS Radio's Country outlet in that market. There have been many changes over those two decades plus, but Ray says that the last 5 years with his "radio wife," Lisa Dent, have been the best.

Ray has won or been nominated for just about every major award in the radio business including several Country Music Association (CMA) and Academy of Country Music (ACM) broadcast awards. For Ray, winning the CMA major market personality of the year in 2010 was a career highlight, and Lisa and Ray's morning show has won the Country Radio Broadcasters' Major Market talent award for the third year in a row! Lisa and Ray were also recently nominated for the coveted Marconi award.

Regarding acting as host for Serving Your Country, Ray points out that it’s the kind of radio he loves because it makes a difference in people's lives. "I’m very proud of Serving Your Country... it's our way of saying thanks to those that give. Without the dedication and service of our men and women in uniform, we'd be lost. If you can take a little time each week to do something to thank the folks who provide our freedom, that's huge. And even though they'll say 'it's just their job,' trust me, they LOVE the gesture!"

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