The Sandy Show

The Sandy Show

You can't recreate the chemistry of The Sandy Show. It's natural, undeniable and unique.  Listeners love the daily features, The Stories We Love, Care Don't Care, The Phone Jibba Phone Scam, and The Trishpiration. But, it is Sandy and Tricia's authenticity and relatability that listeners bond with.  Listeners feel like they are eavesdropping on their friends with the "weird" marriage.  This show connects! 

The Sandy Show delivers 12 content breaks, and 11 teases, allowing you to build your own clock and control the music.  The show also provides 3 top of hour teases, a daily promo and a fast turn time on as many local liners, endorsement spots, promos and PSA's that you need. Plus, The Sandy Show creates daily social media content that can be posted on your social media & digital brands. 

This Sandy Show is gaining affiliates quickly and winning the hearts of their audience. Pick up The Sandy Show before your competition does. 


“After my wife and I decided to semi-retire from the Morning Show on WFXY FOXY FM, we wanted to find a team that could hold our morning audience and grow the numbers. I searched around and found The Sandy Show with Tricia from United Stations. After listening to Sandy and Tricia we knew we had the right team for WFXY FOXY FM. Being a Classic Hits format, they fit perfect with the content and localized liners to make it really work." -Frank Smith, Owner/Operations Manager, Penelope Media Group 

"Sandy is funny, relatable, thoughtful and smart. He understands what programmers are seeking in a show -- strong, fun, timely and well-prepped content. Sandy has always had a unique insight into what listeners want to hear, and creates a lasting bond with his audience.-Cat Thomas, Brand & Content Director, Hubbard Seattle

"Sandy McIlree has redefined what it means to connect with female audiences. The Sandy Show is the authentic alternative to corny, bit-driven shows." -Bill Pasha, President/ The MBMI Companies, Dallas

"I had the pleasure of working with Sandy when he was pulling big Morning ratings in Austin. He continued that success in other major markets. It’s great to have him back!-John Gehron 

“Sandy has built an incredible brand through the years. I love the dynamic between he and his wife Tricia. They’re fun, quirky and authentic and I find myself leaning in to their conversations and topics. The Sandy Show is great radio” -Tim Richards/ TR Media


  • #1 with Women 25-54 in Austin for 4 straight years
  • Top 3 with Women 25-54 for 15 years
  • #1 with Persons 18-49 3 straight years

Live/Pre-tape: Pre-taped

Show Structure: Segments

Delivery: Digital Download/ FTP

Length: 4-5 Hours Daily

Format(s): Hot AC, Country, Classic Hits

Music: Availability for 10-12 songs an hour

Daypart: Mornings, Middays, Afternoons

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