The Bootleg Kev Show

The Bootleg Kev Show

The Bootleg Kev show is unlike anything in the format. He eats, sleeps and breathes the hip hop lifestyle and has a one-on-one relationship with nearly every artist in the format. Plus, he’s one of the most fun and relatable personalities in radio. The show's daily features drive listener engagement.  If your station centers itself in the Hip Hop lane, the Bootleg Kev Show is for you.


"I hate the fact that his name is still 'Bootleg', cause there ain't nothing bootleg about him; he is authentic" -Charlamagne Tha God/ --CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

"You know what you got with Bootleg Kev -straight content. Radio is all about content. Content is king, and you might as well give my homie a crown." -Orlando/Wild 94.1 Tampa/ --CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


Live/Pre-tape: Pre-taped

Show Structure: Segments

Delivery: Digital Download/Mr. Master

Show Length: 4-5 Hours

Format(s): Rhythmic, Urban

Music: 14 songs per hour (by station)

DayPart: Afternoons, Evenings

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