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Carol Miller’s Get the Led Out

A radio series saluting the Greatest Rock Band of All Time... Led Zeppelin.

Classic Rock, Rock, Classic Hits 1 Hour

About the show

Carol Miller’s Get the Led Out will help you bring it on home with one fully produced hour and five red hot short features each week. Play them in the morning, afternoon or in the evening. Each daily feature runs about sixty seconds or so and is based on historical events related to Zeppelin. You will have the option of airing this feature in an additional day part as well as make it available as a podcast.

Each week’s program will be theme based and include new and historical content. The program is produced by Denny Somach Productions who possess the most extensive interview archives in rock. The program will also include major personalities playing their favorite Zep and related songs and will also include amazing stories from those who have worked with the band and individual members over the years. The untold stories and little know facts that help to add new insight to the music will also be included.

Carol Miller’s Get the Led Out is the ultimate source for Led Zeppelin news and information.

Carol Miller

Carol Miller

Carol Miller is one of the longest-running rock radio personalities in the world (WMMR, WPLJ, WNEW and currently WAXQ-the nation’s #1 Classic Rock station) and has hosted dozens of national and international radio shows and TV, like Entertainment Tonight, VH-1 and many others… Carol has had a unique relationship with Led Zeppelin and created the Get the Led Out concept, featuring it on her radio show since the seventies.

Key Specifications

Delivery AIM-Mr. Master
Length 1 Hour Weekend Program | 1 Hour Weekday Vignettes
Format(s) Classic Rock, Rock, Classic Hits