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Hank FM

Country, 80s/90s Country 24/7

About the show

HANK plays the legends of country to real country.

Similar to its Adult Hits cousins, BOB FM® and JACK FM, HANK FM® doesn’t play by the rules. Breaking the mold with a unique mix of over 1,000 tested titles spanning the legends of country music and venturing into the best of the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and today.

HANK FM® offers different levels of programming packages available for both cash and barter. In addition to the rights to use the HANK name and logo, affiliates have access to a constantly updated music library, creative on-air copy and station imaging including voice, sweeper, promos and jingles. HANK also offers off-air support with promotional ideas, daily music logs and programming guidance.


FEATURES | SERVICES: Customized and delivered to each station. Imaging is part of the package. Music is tested. Turnkey and attracts sales friendly demos. Music and imaging is updated weekly.

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