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Open House Party

Big stars + unmatched energy + the biggest party hits = the longest running, hottest weekend show ever!

CHR 5 Hours

About the Show

Open House Party is the original weekend party show that turns your weekend nights into an EVENT! Exclusive access to superstar guests on every show (recent guests include Olivia Rodrigo and Adam Levine). It is a larger-than-life, hit-driven show with mixes that won’t compromise the integrity of your music—anchored by a brand new production team with imaging done by one of the best in top-40 radio. The show has extensive on-air and on-line  listener interaction and sounds like the party is beaming live from YOUR station across the country.


Mike "Kannon"

Mike “Kannon” knew he wanted to create great radio from the time he was 15 and heard the original “Open House Party” heard on Saturday Nights on his local radio station in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He felt that the show was unlike anything he had heard before… the host was larger-than-life, the music was cutting-edge, and the guests every week were superstars.  That show changed his life.
So, at age 15 Kannon pursued being an air personality and the only radio station that would hire him was a local Gospel station housed in a trailer and broadcasting on the AM band and things started rolling from there.   Eventually Kannon moved onto the FM dial, first at Raleigh’s Classic Rocker, WRDU.    He then moved to Portland, Maine to do nights and be Music Director, and that stint was followed by air shifts at WBTS/95.5 “The Beat” in Atlanta, then WRDW in Philadelphia.   It was from that launching pad that Kannon was selected to host the Sunday edition of Open House Party which he’s been doing for a decade and a half.     He took over the original Saturday OHP slot when the legendary John Garabedian retired from the show.   Kannon then added KVIL-FM in Dallas to his resume, and is now heard in afternoons at Audacy’s “Star 94.1” in Atlanta.

Key Specifications

Delivery AIM - Mr. Master
Live/Pre-tape Pre-taped
Show Structure Fully Produced
Length 5 Hours

Scoped Demo